Account Opening

Account Opening

Open an account

You may open an account by the following ways:

  • Visit our office in person

Points to note
  • Face-to-face Customers

    Please visit our office in person with the documents listed below:

    • Account Opening Form

    • Copy of Hong Kong Permanent Identify card / Passport

    • Proof of residential address within the latest 3 months, such as utility bill, bank statement

    • FATCA and CRS Self-Certification Form

    • W-8BEN form

    • Standing Authority (Margin Account only)

    Reminder: Please read the relevant Customer Agreement and Risk Disclosure statement before opening accounts.

  • Mainland, Overseas / Non face-to-face Customers

    You may open an account by post. Please submit the above-listed documents to our company 

Moreover, please follow the steps below to verify your identity:

  • A crossed personal cheque with an amount of not less than HKD $10,000 as a trading deposit sent by post. 
    The cheque must be:

    • payable to the name Alpha Win Capital Limited

    • drawn by a licensed bank in Hong Kong;

    • and exactly matched pre-printed name and signature of the customer with the account opening form.

  • All account opening documents must be delivered to us and verified by certified professional persons (such as a practicing lawyer, certified public accountant, a branch manager of a local licensed bank, notary public) or authenticated by our licensed person.

  • Mainland customers may visit our company to proceed verification by our designated lawyers. For details, please contact our advisors.