Our Business

Our Business

Alpha Win Capital Limited is principally engaged in various types of securities brokerage businesses, including securities brokerage, primary market underwriting and placement, secondary market securities trading and bonds, which are all regulated by SFC. Its business also encompasses providing individual and institutional clients in Hong Kong and mainland China with trading channels for Hong Kong stocks (including warrants and CBBC), trading services of ETFs, bonds, and other financial products, as well as placing and underwriting for common shares, convertible bonds, or bonds issued by companies listed in Hong Kong.

In the future, we continue to leverage our resources and advantages, striving to promote and improve overseas investment and financing channels for Chinese investors and enterprises and assisting foreign investors in participating in China's capital market. The company's core management team has an average finance and securities work experience of more than 15 years. They have a thorough understanding of Hong Kong's financial and China's domestic investment industries, preparing them to keep the company abreast with market trends and work more closely with clients to create a win-win situation.


We are committed to improving its product portfolio and services, the diversified products and services offered by us include:


After an investor entrusts his assets (which may include cash, stocks, and bonds) to the company, we will invest them in accordance with the terms agreed upon between the two parties.


We provide clients with a variety of authorized funds, including bond funds, equity funds, money market funds, exchange-traded funds, as well as other types of products, including private equity funds, mutual funds, futures funds, hedge funds, and money market funds. After a client opens an account, we will on customers’ behalf, subscribe, purchase and redeem the investment products.


We can arrange for a client to issue new funds such as equity funds, bond funds, capital-guaranteed funds, money market funds. Clients may make investment decisions or authorize to make decisions.


We seek out companies in various industries around the world that have the potential to create value and invest in them. By leveraging the resources and advantages of our company, our company helps domestic and foreign enterprises that it has invested in to achieve their development goals in China and around the world.


For more information about our services, please feel free to contact our representatives.